Costa Palmas: Guide to Cabo’s East Cape

Guide to Costa Palmas and Gran Sueño, these recently developed communities can be found on Cabo’s East Cape. Cabo is well known for being home to busy bars, beaches, and glamorous resorts for tourists. On the other hand, Costa Palmas and Gran Sueño offer a more relaxing experience. Here’s everything you need to know about both.

The East Cape

Unlike Cabo itself, the East Cape is a largely undisturbed natural area. One of the most stunning features of this area is the two-mile-long stretch of white sandy beaches on the Sea of Cortez. 

There are other natural features near Costa Palmas and Gran Sueño, including green hills and deserts. As you would expect, this is ideal for people who want to explore a primarily untouched natural paradise, as well as people who wish to, have a more chilled-out time. 

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the landscape by hiking or mountain biking across the hillsides. However, the jewel of Costa Palmas and Gran Sueño is their seafront. You can explore the beach and the sea alike, engaging in paddleboarding, snorkeling, fishing, and even yachting. 

Reaching Gran Sueño and Costa Palmas 

Costa Palmas isn’t just a fantastic place to get away, but it’s also easily accessible. This means that a visitor or resident can step off the plane and relax in short order. The community is found only 45 minutes away from the Los Cabos International Airport, which can be accessed by most major cities around the world. 

Gran Sueño is located on the next bay to the north and about a 2-hour drive.  It has a landing strip (LAR) for medium-sized jets like a Citation XL or helicopter.  Or take Highway1/Carretera north to Highway 286 to arrive at the secluded Bay of Dreams.

The Costa Palmas Community

Costa Palmas was carefully designed to make the most out of the stunning natural landscape of the East Cape while providing a luxurious experience for visitors and residents alike. The community was created as a time effort by Irongate, a development firm, and VITA Planning and Landscape Architecture. As a whole, the community stretches across one-thousand acres. 

The property includes beachside residences that people can purchase. These can be bought for anything between about $2.5 million and $30 million. The types of properties include condos, casitas, beachfront villas, garden homes, and even lots across the beachfront that allow owners to design and build custom villas. 

The Grande Bahia Community

Gran Sueño was designed to take advantage of the Bay of Dreams beach and landscape by providing a secluded escape from the hustle and bustle of Cabo.  The community is made up of Gran Sueños’s 13 villas and suites as well as private homes. The community stretches across 4,000 acres. 

The heart of the community is Gran Sueño which offers a spattering of villas and suites. Vacant home sites start at $500,000 and existing single-family homes from 1.5 million. 

Costa Palmas and Gran Sueño Perks

There is so much to do on-site that you never have to leave.  Some perks include hiking, ATV desert adventures, jet skis, boat cruises, fishing trips, horseback riding, and massages on the beach. There are also tennis courts to enjoy the view while serving up an ace or two. Makes a wonderful wedding venue in La Paz Mexico.

Both places have memorable places to eat.  Enjoy taco at Centro de Trenes, the on-site restaurant at Gran Sueño, or freshly caught fish at Restaurant 1535 located at the end of the beach.