Vacationing in Paradise, Meet our Neighbor: Costa Palmas

While staying at Gran Sueño, you may want to schedule a day trip to our neighbor to the south, Costa Palmas. The adventure of a lifetime awaits an unspoiled paradise with the best Mexico has to offer. It’s impossible to tell you everything about this fantastic place, but here’s what you really need to know:

  • A World Away from Crowded Tourism
  • East Cape is an Unspoiled Paradise
  • A Community of Dreams
  • Adventures while Vacationing in Paradise
  • Quality Shopping Experiences
  • Staying Safe in Luxury
  • How You Can Live the Dream

The relaxed Costa Palma resort is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Mexican tourist resorts like Cabo. There’s only one destination for a more serene experience drowning in luxury. Surrounded by beauty and serenity, this is the vacation you’ve been waiting for.

A World Away from Crowded Tourism

Situated near the Southern tip of Baja California Sur, Costa Palmas is surrounded by the serene blue tranquility of the South Pacific. Yet unlike other popular destinations on the island coast, such as Cabo, the stunning town offers a more relaxed vacation than the nearby crowded resorts. Making Costa Palmas an inspired location offering the highest standard of relaxation. Yet, the gorgeous coastal getaways are located a few minutes drive from the town center.

East Cape is an Unspoiled Paradise

Costa Palmas is a development on the East Cape. Every design decision has been made to take advantage of the glorious natural beauty of the coast. For instance, the special 1,000-acre project offers 2 miles of the most stunning white sand beach you will ever see, surrounded by the enticing and swimmable Sea of Cortez. And all a short hop from some of the most exquisite luxury accommodations you could ever wish to have the chance to stay at.

A Community of Dreams

The entire development of Costa Palmas is designed with a goal. To offer a premier experience to everyone who visits and a dream lifestyle for those who stay. With this in mind, a close-knit community is growing in and around the resort. There are already 350 residential properties among the stunning vistas and supremely curated amenities such as Golf and the marina. Life at Costa Palmas is like one big welcoming holiday for incoming tourists and residents alike.

Adventures while Vacationing in Paradise

Of course, relaxing on vacation is a luxury in itself. At Costa Palmas, getting away really means getting away. But the more relaxed environment doesn’t mean there’s any lack of things to do while enjoying paradise. Some of the most popular activities at the resort include the following:

  • Morning water activities to take advantage of the serene and calm waters.
  • Scuba diving around the Sea of Cortez offers unique marine life.
  • Enjoy the boats and friendly community of the Costa Palmas 1000-slip marina.
  • Sampling the resort’s passionate food and wine culture with restaurants and classes.
  • Exploring the area, you will find wild turtles, food trucks, and hidden secret escapes.
  • Unique retail experiences offering hand-crafted clothing by local artisans.
  • Locally sourced Mexican foods and wine pairing for the foodie types.

And much, much more. There’s something for everyone in this stunning part of California Sur. And even families can enjoy the Sports Park. Yet with an emphasis on enjoying the finer things in life, you won’t want to miss attractions like the Secret Garden with Baja-grown foods. 

Quality Shopping Experiences

The remote location of Costa Palmas doesn’t negatively impact your shopping experience. On the contrary, the development offers some of the most unique and stunning boutiques for some real retail therapy. Vintage style jewelry, hand-stitched shoes, and designer swimsuits by local artisans are just some of the finely-crafted Mexican and American-inspired clothing from the likes of MIKOH. Additionally, almost all crafted clothing is made from sustainable materials.

Staying Safe in Luxury

Costa Palmas is a popular resort with people from all walks of life. While development was making steady progress a couple of years ago, it boomed during the pandemic. As people sought safety in remote locations, Costa Palmas and the East Cape offered refuge in luxury from the dangers of COVID-19. Something that continues today with strict hygiene control across the entire resort’s commercial accommodation, retail, and dining establishments.

How You Can Live the Dream

It’s perhaps almost impossible for most people, but you can live in Costa Palmas. Beginning at $2.5 million and up to $30 million, you can secure a property elsewhere much cheaper in the resort. Vacant land for development or off-site residential property ranges between approximately $550,000 and $1.5 million. But don’t expect prices to stay that low forever. The word is getting about this hidden paradise, so secure your place in heaven.


Vacationing in paradise means visiting Costa Palmas. You get luxury and adventure in equal measure, away from the crowds, with unique experiences and supreme local retail. Local foods, unique marine and animal life, and superbly tranquil experiences are part of Costa Palmas life. Reach out to the Gran Sueño on-site manager to schedule a day trip.


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